Katie Stelmanis is a classically trained Canadian musician who’s inspired by everything from opera to Detroit techno. As the frontwoman of synth-pop band Austra, she’s become known for her boundary-pushing electronic compositions that highlight her diverse musical background. Her new album, Future Politics—released on Inauguration Day—is a tribute to optimism amidst political, cultural, and economic uncertainty. Femi Adeyemi—also known by his DJ name, Mr. Wonderful, is the founder of London-based NTS, a revolutionary online radio station and media platform that has harnessed the internet to offer diverse musicians a commercial-free platform. It now serves a global community, offering a range of live radio shows, digital media, and music-based events. In the following Thread, Katie and Femi meet for the first time to compare notes on their professions, their native cities, and the raves they attended as teens.

“I used to dress up like a candy raver in high school, with lollipops and pacifiers and phat pants, but I definitely had no idea what I was listening to when we went out.”—Katie Stelmanis