Actress, writer, and comedian Jenny Slate (best known for her role in Obvious Child and for creating and voicing the character Marcel the Shell with Shoes On) is enjoying a new apartment in L.A. and the recent release of her latest film, Landline, a coming-of-age story set in ’90s New York City. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are retailers and fashion designers who cofounded the boutique Opening Ceremony and are now creative directors at the French studio Kenzo. Returning on a plane from Prague with a projectile-vomiting child, Lim was still able to email with Slate for the following Thread to talk about punny T-shirts, current plans and projects, and our future as a species.

“If you make that ‘PRAGUE: CZECH ME OUT’ shirt, could I please reserve one right now?”—Jenny Slate

“I try to put my butt as close to where it should be, but it's tough, guys. It's tough to really get your butt in the right place.”—Jenny Slate

“Congrats on Landline! I've been reading amazing press on it and cannot wait to see it. Should we all watch it together, eating popcorn and beef jerky, and we can braid your lovely hair?”—Carol Lim