Scott Aukerman + Al Yankovic

In April 2015, musician “Weird Al” Yankovic and comedian Scott Aukerman joined The Thread for a heartwarming and sidesplitting email exchange. With Scott continuing to juggle writing, producing, and starring in his acclaimed IFC show Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Al having recently embarked on his globe-spanning “Mandatory World Tour,” we thought now would be a great time to poke around—and in between the lines of—their original Thread. Will “Weird Al,” Pee-wee Herman, and Prince finally get their super-group together? Who's a better White House bowler, Scott Aukerman or Harry Truman? Find out in the following Thread: Unspooled.



“I never knew you were so easily discouraged. I’ll have to be extra careful not to excel at anything when I’m around you.”


“The whole White House staff seemed to be going back and forth from being delighted and star-struck, to freaking out that we were going to trash the place.”


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