Twenty-three-year-old rapper Vince Staples has earned critical acclaim for his subversive, unsparing tracks covering a range of modern social issues, from the chaos of race relations to police violence to gentrification and our failed education system. While widely praised for his artful, incisive lyrics, he’s just as respected for his work ethic, quiet self-possession, and austere lifestyle (he doesn’t touch drugs or alcohol). April Bloomfield is a Michelin-star-winning British chef and restaurant owner who has never met a cut of meat she doesn’t love. In addition to her celebrated farm-to-table philosophy, she is known for achieving the highest-ever single score on Iron Chef America. Her latest venture is Manhattan’s White Gold Butchers, a combo eatery and traditional butcher shop. In The Thread below, Vince and April ponder the power of burgers and bacon, and the need for self-care.

“You’re not vegan, are you? If you are vegan, pretend the the above emoji is a piece of fruit or something—hopefully I didn't offend.”—April