When Carlos Morera, his uncle, and a few cactus enthusiast friends opened a diminutive and unassuming plant store in Los Angeles's Echo Park neighborhood, it quickly became a local gem. Despite almost no advertising or marketing (lacking an official name, it's referred to as the Cactus Store), the shop has nearly 13,000 devoted followers on Instagram and a loyal and diverse clientele. Megan Amram is an L.A.-based comedian and writer (she's the author of the parody book Science… for Her! and her TV credits include Parks and Recreation and Silicon Valley) who became well known through her prolific and darkly hilarious Twitter feed. Meeting for the first time here on The Thread, Megan and the Cactus Store crew chat about cacti collecting, how not to be a brand, artisanal toilets, and selling out.

“I think about my brand pretty constantly. I even wanted to sell cattle brands of my face so my fans could brand their big ol' butts with my profile picture.”
—Megan Amram

“Good taste has become so boring…. In this technological era we have to embrace and celebrate imperfections to remind us to stay human.” —Cactus Boss